Friday, October 29, 2004

If You're Looking For A Copy Of The Dead Sea Scrolls...

Lately there have been sporadic posts in the blogosphere about recent rethinkings of Qumran and the collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls (some of the most recent can be seen here and here), so I figured I would make a recommendation.

For those of you who know some Hebrew and/or Aramaic, or plan on studying those languages, I highly recommend the Dead Sea Scrolls: Study Edition in two volumes. It is a diglot, so you get Aramaic/Hebrew text facing your English translation. I don't have a preferred plain jane English version, and would like to hear comments from those who have one and like it. I'll be teaching a short series of lessons at my church on the DSS in December and would like to have a recommendation to them when the time comes. Anybody know of a good one?


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