Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Coding Humanist News, Dec 8, 2004

Some interesting news in the last few days (at least interesting to me)...

First from Slashdot. According to one of their postings, 99.8% of FCC complaints come from one group, the Parents Television Council. I found that interesting. Not knocking the effort...just pointing out an interesting little tidbit. Wonder if it's true... has come out with a toolbar for IE, and apparently one is coming for Mozilla, which I guess means they will be building one for Firefox. I'm a little surprised that I haven't heard of this before today since I know a good number of their staff, but I found out through Gomez. Thanks for the note.

Firefox is great, as has been pointed out among the bibliobloggers as recent as today by the Christian Origins blog. I am a Firefox fanatic, personally. I love it. I can't live without it...okay...I can...I just don't want to. But, we need not over hype. As someone said, if you want to find a secure piece of equipment, find a brick. If it is a computer or a program, it is probably not without security holes. Today a security hole in all significant browsers, including Firefox, was announced (the second of two that Secunia has announced in the last couple of months for Firefox). Is it more secure than IE? Probably so. But, let's not go overboard on Firefox's security. With that said, in general I agree. Get Firefox now!

And Thurderbird has now made it to 1.0 status, and I think has been there for a few weeks. If you aren't familiar with it, it is an open source email client created by the Mozilla folks, the guys who came out with Firefox. Though one friend of mine is having problems with it (and Firefox, though at least in TB's case it was not 1.0), the release seems to be going well. I'm using it, though I personally don't really like it any more than Outlook. But, check it out if you're interested and/or you can't afford the cost of Outlook.

I have also now seen the most creative reason for thinking C# will not end up being a successful language. Interesting...


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