Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Lite blogging and emailing night this evening. I am exhausted and am about to go to sleep. I've got a number of things that need to be said, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

But, I will say that I received two books in the mail today, Cambodian System of Writing and Beginning Reader and Modern Spoken Cambodian by Franklin E. Huffman, both by Yale. I can now commence a study of Khmer, the language of Cambodia. Should be fun. And since I know there are TONS of you out there who are dying to learn Khmer, I'll tell you how the books are.

And, just in case any of you are experts in the field already, I would appreciate a heads up on where to find audio resources on the web for Khmer. News services, online programs, or just audio examples would be great.



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