Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Blogs (At Least To Me)

I've been increasing my feed count recently, which is kindof bad due to my overabundance of them right now.

A new blog was just started, as mentioned by Goodacre, called MetaCatholic. So, Doug...the pressures on...say something smart! :)

Also, as noted by Paleojudaica, there is a bibloblog aggregator out there now called BiblioBlog. Aggregators are always nice to have around. Though my RSS reader (Sharpreader) will aggregate for me, this would be very handy to have on trips when you're not with all your feeds at home.

A few other blogs have come into being recently as well, though most of you probably know about them by now. Check their announcers here (Michael Pahl) and here (Serving the Word).


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