Sunday, October 31, 2004

Build Slideshows with XHTML and CSS

I was getting sick Saturday night and it persisted until the morning, so I've done a lot of sleeping since last night. Unfortunately, now I can't go to sleep. So, I decided to work my way through my RSS feeds that I haven't been able to really pay attention to lately due to my business. And I found something very interesting.

Joel of Joel on Software posted a note about a nice way of making slideshows using only XHTML and CSS, which is a pretty cool thing. The project is called S5 (why they call it that I do not know) and was created by Eric Meyer, a well known CSS and standards guy.

It is, actually, quite cool. I recommend taking a look at it XHTML and CSS. It isn't flawless yet, though. I had the text size up too high for it and some material just vanished off the screen and there was no way to see it unless I decreased my text size, and this was an issue with both IE and Firefox. But other than that everything looked cool.


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