Tuesday, June 14, 2005

VS 2005 TreeView, Bugs

The thing that I want most in ASP.NET 1.1 is the 2.0 TreeView. It seems to be a nice control. I was playing with the formatting features this morning and was very pleased with how easy it was to work with it. Very nice.

My experience with Visual Studio itself was very nice on a few fronts, and not so nice on others.
1. Intellisense now picks up local variables for method calls. That's kindof nice.
2. There is now a thin green line all the way down the left side of the code editor. When you change a line of code, the colored line next to the line of code you just changed turns yellow. It remains yellow until you save. This is a cool feature, because it gives you an easy view on your screen to what you might have just changed in your code.
3. Defaults to source view for aspx pages. Though this is really just a matter of preference, I bet this will be a widely-liked thing among ASP.NET developers.
4. Nice ASP.NET tag highlighting. For example, if you have a asp:DropDownList tag on your page, if you click on it both the opening and closing tags are in bold.

I'm sure these will be fixed by release, but here they are:
1. With great frequency (just about every time I built, and sometimes when I used the scrollbar) my cursor stopped responding to my arrow keys and backspace key. It responded to the letter keys. To remedy I just put focus on the properties tab and came back again. This would get very annoying after a while.
2. The panels were kindof flaky when it came to collapsing or expanding. I almost always have Toolbox, Properties, and Solution Explorer tabs collapsed on the sides instead of pinned into place. Sometimes they would open when I wanted them to. Sometimes they wouldn't. Also, I sometimes had trouble opening files through solution explorer when the panel wasn't pinned down. I had a class library for my test web app, and I could hardly ever (it seems) get the files in it to open.
3. Just like every ASP.NET developer I have heard say something about it, I don't really like the way they are now doing web projects (or lack thereof, really). This is no showstopper or anything, but I really don't get why this would be done.

If anybody knows of a good place to report this kindof stuff, let me know.


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