Monday, July 25, 2005

Twice the MCP I Used to Be...

That's right, baby...I'm now an MCPx2. Technically, that's not really true. There is no MCPx2 title or anything. I'm going to have to get another test completed before I can actually change those letters to MCAD. But, back to the subject at hand...

I passed the developing ASP.NET applications certification test from Microsoft! Woohoo! As far as difficulty is concerned, it was about as difficult as the Windows Forms programming test. And just as fun :)

So, what is the best way to study for this test? Here are my suggestions:

1. Start building ASP.NET websites. Definitely the place to start. Build a lot of them, and do a lot of database interaction through ADO.NET. The test is full of questions on that subject (as is the Winforms).
2. Get some really good books and learn from the best. Here are my personal favorite ASP.NET books (i.e., the ones I use most):

a. Programming .NET by Prosise. I cut my teach on ASP.NET programming with this book right after I learned the basics of C# from SAMS. Great, great, book. Covers more than ASP.NET too. Good introduction to Xml and ADO.NET programming as well.
b. ASP.NET Coding Strategies with the Microsoft ASP.NET Team by Matthew Gibbs and Rob Howard. A great place to get into some of the more advanced topics. Dig it.
c. ASP.NET Setup and Configuration by James Avery. Useful little handbook.
d. Developing ASP.NET Server Controls and Components by Kothari and Datye. I haven't even read this whole thing, but I have thoroughly enjoyed what I did read. Packed with lots of useful information.

And if you want to know ADO.NET, I recommend reading Prosise's book, and then pick up Pragmatic ADO.NET by Shawn Wildermuth. Best book on ADO.NET I have seen.

3. And finally, after you've done all that, pick up some books to help you with the test. I recommend the Que press series. I have never liked MS Press's certification books.

That's it for now. Rock on...


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Congrats Eric! I have no idea what you are talking about- but congrats nonetheless.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Johnny Lanoue said...


I worship you for your intelect and hair style. I am the workstation, you are the server!

At 3:59 AM, Blogger Eric Sowell said...

Thanks Jim.

And thanks to you too, Johnny. And no, you don't worship my hair style, you worship the fact that I have hair at all!


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