Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wider Blog...Aesthetically Problematic?

On my last post I had to lower the size of my xml to an incredibly low point size to get it to fit in my blogger template. That wasn't cool. So, I went into my template and figured out how to widen everything.

The only real problem with that is the rounded corners are done through images, and to widen the blog either meant removing the images or redoing them. I chose the former.

The negative effect of this is that some elements on the page have rounded corners and some do not. Since most of my million+ readership (yes...that was serious hyperbole) probably use rss aggregators, they won't notice. Those of you who don't might. So, if you find this aesthetically distasteful to the point of a strong desire to throw up, let me know. I might find time then to deal with it.

Since the change I have, of course, enlarged the xml in my last post.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Auscult said...

Please tell me how you got it wider!


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