Tuesday, November 29, 2005

RSS Bandit

I'm trying out a new feed reader, RSS Bandit.

1. I can subscribe to invalid feeds. Why in the world would I want to do that? Well, for some reason I can't pull the posts from either Prophet Talk or kai euthus. This means I couldn't keep them in Sharpreader, the feedreader I've been using for a while. And I organize all my blog stuff through my feed reader, which meant I had no place to store the feeds in the hope that the feeds would clear up at some point/the reader would figure out how to parse them.
2. Tabbed interface for looking at the blog posts. For every blog post, I can click on a link and the post will show up in a tab, rendered and everything. That's nice.

1. Counting bugs. The count of unread posts is frequently wrong.
2. Slow... If you ever need to delete a large number of posts at one sitting, highlight them, click delete, and walk away for a while. Not a problem with Sharpreader.
3. Links in feed window aren't clickable. In other words, if bubba has a link to an external page that I want to visit, I can't just click on it in the regular feed display window. I have to use that feature mentioned above to open it in another window, and then click on it.

Yes, I'm still in search of the perfect feed reader. Haven't found an online one that I really like, though the one that will be built in to the next Community Server may be it.

Anybody use RSS Bandit? Thoughts?


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