Monday, November 28, 2005

Stopping Virus Emails from the CIA and FBI

There was an anonymous question on the FBI and CIA virus post that asked how to block them, since he/she is apparently getting like 1000 an hour. That's a lot.

In the case of most spam this just won't work, but in this case it might. When you get annoying email from the same address (or in this case somewhere between one and three addresses), you can setup you email program to automatically delete them. If I were getting thousands a day, that's what I would do. How to do that? Depends on your email client. I use Outlook and GMail, and both have ways of setting up rules. Figure out how to do that, and send all email from those address to the deleted folder. Voila! Problem solved.

You could also do this based on the text in the message or the subject line. Any of those ways should work.


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